UX Design Strategy and Application: Customer Journey Mapping


UX Design Strategy and Application: Customer Journey Mapping

UX Design Strategy and Application: Customer Journey Mapping
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Taught by Nuno Sobrinho
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Discover the principles of UX design

UX design adds business value at all levels and across all teams, as it fosters collaborative thinking, drives engagement and ensures greater business value.

This course offers you a chance to:

  • explore the core principles of UX design

  • learn about the fundamentals of customer journey mapping

  • develop UX skills which you can apply in a professional setting

You will look at what contributes to a good user experience and why this is a vital part of growing any business.

Understand customer journey mapping

Once you have covered the key elements of the UX design process you will learn about customer journey mapping, and why it’s so important to visualise the user journey from start to finish.

You will investigate the moments that matter most and examine how journey maps can be used to identify and solve problems, as well as track the needs, desires and emotions of the customer.

This course will equip you with knowledge of central UX concepts such as high fidelity vs low fidelity design and product posture. You will learn to apply these in real life settings, allowing you to advance your career in UX design.

Explore service design and blueprinting

You will learn about UX best practices such as using wireframes and prototypes and you will become confident in implementing these in the workplace.

Finally, you will evaluate the relationship between UX design and service design, and consider the benefits of service blueprinting and how it differs from journey mapping.

By the end of this course you will be competent in applying knowledge of journey mapping, service design and blueprinting to your day to day work and you will be able to utilise your new skills to stand out in one of the fastest growing digital industries.

This course is aimed at anyone looking to improve their UX design skills.

This might include:

  • entry-level or intermediate Graphic or Digital Designers looking to expand their knowledge and skillsets in UX design.

  • aspiring product managers who need to understand the pivotal role UX design plays in successful product development.

  • non-technical digital team leaders looking to better understand critical concepts in UX design and the Design Thinking process.

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During the course we’ll be using Canva.