Sustainable Business Models: Guidance for Future Farmers

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Sustainable Business Models: Guidance for Future Farmers

Sustainable Business Models: Guidance for Future Farmers
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Taught by Erik Mathijs:|:Evy Mettepenningen:|:Ina Cramer:|:Edward Belderbos:|:Casper Van Cleemput:|:Mertijn Moeyersons:|:Erika De Keyser:|:Liselot Bourgeois:|:Astrid Tindemans
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Agri-food systems are among the most important human-environmental production systems that shape our society. Current research on global drivers of change unambiguously demonstrates the role of the food system in the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Strengthening the position of the farmer has been recognized as one of the key factors for the transition towards more sustainable food systems.

In this course, we will explain the current context, problems and opportunities of the value food chain and more specifically the role of the farmer in this system. We clarify why it is of crucial importance to create a good business plan. We will also explain step-by-step how you can create a strategic plan for a farming business.

First we will look at the values, norms and internal factors of a company. Thereby identifying strengths and weaknesses. Next we will dive into the external factors of the business by using the 5 forces of Porter and the PESTEL analysis. Once you know all the factors that define and influence a business, we can start with the creation of a strategy.

You will learn about market segmentation and will be able to determine the target groups that fit with the created value propositions. Finally, we will look at the business model canvas and explain how the nine building blocks interact with each other and can be optimized.

We realize every farm is unique. There is not one receipt for a successful farm. Yet, we offer you a background, insight and inspiration that helps you to develop a robust, resilient and future-proof business model.

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