Software Development: Understanding Python


Software Development: Understanding Python

Software Development: Understanding Python
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Discover the fundamentals of Python and improve your basic coding skills

If you want to start a career in software development, it’s important to build your programming skills.

This course focuses on one of the most popular programming languages – Python – which is widely used in scientific and numeric computing.

Get started building your software development skills

This course will introduce you to the world of software development, starting with the basics and help you gain an understanding of the theory and basic practices of using Python.

Explore how to use Python

You’ll be guided through using Python from the very beginning – install it onto your own computer, create a basic calculation, and look at the common use cases for the language. This will get you thinking about when and where you may use Python, and prepare for those scenarios.

You’ll also look at its dynamic semantic, and key aspects of the code syntax. By the end of this course, you should feel confident with a number of basic processes of Python and its real life applications.

This course will provide you with the foundations to start your development career. It’s best suited to:

  • Career-starters or career-changers looking for an entry level role as a software developer.

  • Established technology professionals looking to better understand software development.

  • Entrepreneurs who need to understand how to translate an idea for a new product or service into a finished digital one.

  • Project, product, or general managers looking to gain experience of developer activities.

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During the course we’ll be using Python.
We recommend you use a computer to access this course.