Software Development: Introducing Java


Software Development: Introducing Java

Software Development: Introducing Java
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Discover how to become a software developer and learn basic coding skills

Becoming a software developer requires you to confidently use programming languages such as Python and Java to design, build, and fix software.

This course is designed to build your existing Python knowledge and introduce you to Java and its applications within the development environment.

Expand your Python programming skills

On this course, you’ll explore how Python is used in relation to object-oriented programming principles.

You’ll also examine common Python libraries and how they’re applied within software development. These modules and exercises will build your confidence and skill with the programming language so you become comfortable using it within a professional context.

Learn about Java application development in the computing industry

Alongside Python, Java is another commonly used programming language extensively used in the software development industry.

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained an introduction to Java so that you can draw on more than one programming language for your work. You’ll have learned the basics of how it works, and the variables, data types and operators, arrays, and control statements used within it.

This course has been designed for people who would like to begin a career as a software developer and develop their relevant skills. This may include:

  • Career starters or career changers looking for an entry-level role as a developer.

  • Established technology professionals looking to better understand software development.

  • Entrepreneurs with an idea for a new product or service who needs to understand at a high level how this could be translated into a finished digital good or service.

  • Project, product or general managers, looking to gain hands-on experience developer activities.

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During the course we’ll be using Python, Jupyter Notebook and Java.
We recommend you use a computer to access this course.