Prepare for a Software Development Career


Prepare for a Software Development Career

Prepare for a Software Development Career
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Showcase your coding skills and prepare for a new career as a software developer

On this course, you’ll cement your foundational knowledge of Python and Java and learn how to kickstart your career in software development.

You’ll apply object-oriented programming principles to Java, and go deeper on methods, constructors, strings, inheritance, classes, and collection.

Explore career routes into software development

This course will help and encourage you to explore the key traits and characteristics of successful developers and compare various career paths and valuable certifications. You’ll also look at how to foster leadership in a software development team.

By the end of the course, you’ll feel more confident and better equipped to start or further your career in software development, armed with the ability to utilise Java and Python in your everyday work.

Review your Python and Java skills before adding them to your CV

This course is an opportunity to review your Java and Python knowledge and add some final functions to your skillset. This includes defining object-oriented programming in relation to Java, as well as describing the use of methods, strings, inheritance, and more.

This course would appeal to individuals looking to start a career as a developer, including:

  • Career starters or career changers looking for an entry level role as a developer.

  • Established technology professionals looking to better understand software development.

  • Entrepreneurs with an idea for a new product or service who need to understand at a high level how this could be translated into a finished digital good or service.

  • Project, product or general managers, looking to gain hands-on experience developer activities.

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During the course we’ll be using Python, Jupyter Notebook and Java.
We recommend you use a computer to access this course.