personal finance 101, understanding personal finance basics and best practices

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personal finance 101, understanding personal finance basics and best practices. how financially healthy are you? when was the last time you reviewed your overall financial situation, including analyzing your spending, savings, future goals, and insurance? if youre like most people, either youve never done this exercise or you did so too long ago. your financial net worth is an important barometer of your monetary health. your net worth indicates your capacity to accomplish major financial goals, such as buying a home, retiring, and withstanding unexpected expenses or loss of income. you may not know or care, but you probably have a personal credit report and a credit score. lenders examine your credit report and score before granting you a loan or credit line. this section highlights what you need to know about your credit score and reports, including how to obtain them and how to improve them.
time stamps
intro 00:00
personal finance overview 00:06
financial net worth 04:05
credit score and reports 06:48
debt overview 11:18
spending 16:08
emergency reserves 22:09
retirement/financial independence 27:09
debt management 35:44

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