Introduction to Marketing: Understanding your Customers


Introduction to Marketing: Understanding your Customers

Introduction to Marketing: Understanding your Customers
Hosted by FutureLearn
Provided by Institute of Data & Marketing
Taught by Rachel Whitter
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Learn how marketing segmentation can boost your campaigns

This course will give you the practical tools to analyse, assess, and improve marketing campaigns using different methods like customer personas, marketing segmentation, and customer relationship management systems.

Develop techniques to analyse consumer data and create customer personas

Understanding your customers is one of the most important parts of marketing and allows you to effectively target communications to the right audience.

One way to do this is by creating customer personas that allow you to easily identify your audiences.

On this course, you’ll find out how to analyse consumer data effectively to segment your customers and improve marketing communications and campaigns.

CRM: what is customer relationship management and why is it essential for marketers?

CRM programmes are vital for marketing teams and often help to link up multiple areas of a business like sales, support, and customer service.

This course will show you how to plan and deliver an effective CRM programme to meet your customers’ needs. By defining your processes and actions, you’ll be able to nurture customer relationships and help achieve your company’s objectives.

With more businesses seeing the benefits of CRM every year, having the skills to deliver a CRM programme and develop a CRM plan is extremely desirable for a career in marketing.

Apply your new skills to build CRM and marketing plans

Using the fundamentals of marketing alongside the new skills from this course, you’ll explore how to develop CRM plans and marketing plans.

With everything that you’ve learned so far, you’ll be able to match the right communication channel to the right audience and create more effective marketing communications.

This marketing course is designed for anyone looking to enter a career in marketing and covers the fundamentals to get started in the industry.

It’s also suitable for existing marketers wanting to refresh and improve their skills and knowledge.

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