Introduction to Digital Fashion Design Skills


Introduction to Digital Fashion Design Skills

Introduction to Digital Fashion Design Skills
Hosted by FutureLearn
Provided by University for the Creative Arts
Taught by Taskin Göc
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Develop your fashion software knowledge and hone your digital design skills

Understanding digital fashion design software is vital when it comes to establishing a career within the fashion industry.

On this five week course, you’ll learn to use different design programs so that you’re equipped to create stunning 3D fashion designs from start to finish.

Learn the basics of digital fashion from pattern ideas to set design

Digital fashion design processes are constantly evolving as new technologies are introduced to the fashion industry.

On this course, you’ll master a digital workflow, from editing existing patterns to set design and 3D rendering.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to plan, create, and produce designs to incorporate into your portfolio. You’ll also develop more freedom and autonomy to create the designs you’re passionate about.

Explore digital design techniques using CLO 3D, Mixamo, and Blender software

CLO 3D, Mixamo, and Blender are three of the most popular programs used in digital fashion design today.

You’ll explore each program and learn the basics of each, allowing you to incorporate these skills into your current design processes.

By understanding each of these programs, you’ll be able to master a workflow that can see you through initial design ideas to a completed project quickly and efficiently.

Enhance your career prospects using sought-after skills in the fashion industry

This course will equip you with the knowledge to further your career in the fashion industry, guided by experts from UCA, a global leader in digital fashion.

Using their insight into what prospective employers are looking for, you’ll develop your practical knowledge of the fashion tech sector and learn to impress with your cutting-edge digital skills, incorporating techniques from a variety of programs into your 3D fashion design output.

This course is designed for designers already working in the fashion industry or those who want to launch a career in fashion and want to develop their 3D rendering skills and digital workflow knowledge.