Environmental Entrepreneurs: Strategies for Green Business

Environmental Entrepreneurs: Strategies for Green Business
Hosted by FutureLearn
Provided by Adam Smith Center
Taught by Bryan Cheang
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Explore the role of entrepreneurs in the environment and the economyEntrepreneurs play a crucial role in mitigating environmental issues. The nature of entrepreneurship centres on innovation, solution-focused thinking, and sustainable practices, which positions entrepreneurs at the forefront of green business.
This four-week course from the Adam Smith Center will provide an overview of environmental entrepreneurship in Singapore to help you understand how the theoretical principles of entrepreneurship can be applied to solve environmental problems.
Unpack sustainable trends and innovation in entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship fosters a culture of permissionless innovation that can address environmental devastation.
On this course, you’ll explore the trends, elements, and forces of entrepreneurial innovation and learn how entrepreneurs optimise their processes to successfully balance profit and planetary health.
Examine case studies of successful sustainable businesses in Singapore
As a world leader in climate resilience and adaptation, Singapore has seen an increasing crop of local environmental entrepreneurs.
You’ll delve into case studies of three Singapore-based environmental entrepreneurs from different industries and discover theoretical explanations of market processes and innovation. This will help you gain valuable insight from leading entrepreneurs.
Learn about tools, strategies, and business models for sustainability
The Adam Smith Center is a research and educational organisation that has proven experience in delivering transformative courses on sustainability, business, and economics.
With the guidance of your expert educator, Dr. Cheang, you’ll explore environmentally and economically sustainable entrepreneurial tools, methods, and business models to expand your knowledge of the possibilities of environmental entrepreneurship.