Digital Skills: Digital Marketing

Digital Skills: Digital Marketing
Hosted by FutureLearn
Provided by Accenture
Taught by Harry H
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Learn to use digital marketing strategies to grow your businessDigital marketing is a crucial tool to reach your audience and grow your business.
On this two-week course, you’ll explore what digital marketing is, why it is so important for an organisation, and how to use it effectively.
You’ll uncover different digital marketing strategies and understand the importance of balancing and integrating these techniques to successfully target your customers.
Explore different digital marketing techniques
With so many marketing strategies available, it can be difficult knowing which one works for your business.
This course will help you delve into each marketing strategy such as banner advertising, pay per click advertising, content marketing, search engine optimisation, social media, and email marketing to ensure you can find the right strategy for your business.
Learn to integrate different marketing strategies
Though marketing strategies can be powerful separately, you’ll explore the importance of balancing and integrating these strategies together.
Through this exploration, you’ll understand how integration in marketing is vital in helping to target your customers more effectively.
Enhance your digital skills with Accenture
On the course, you’ll be guided by the specialists at Accenture. With their expertise, you’ll finish with a sound understanding of digital marketing and will have gained essential digital skills to use in your organisation.