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Deep renovation for energy efficient residential buildings

Deep renovation for energy efficient residential buildings
Hosted by POK
Provided by Politecnico di Milano
Taught by Jennifer Adami, Daniele Antonucci, Francesco Babich, Annamaria Belleri, Chiel Boonstra, Mattia Dallapiccola, Giuseppe De Michele, Roberto Lollini, Laura Maturi, Roberta Pernetti, Riccardo Pinotti, Graziano Salvalai, Marta Maria Sesana, Kari Thunshelle, Linda Toledo
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Course description

This course introduces the basics of deep renovation in residential buildings, though some modules apply to any kind of building. The student will be able to get a grasp of energy efficiency in buildings, and how to achieve a deep renovation project based on passive and active technologies.

This course is intended to teach and form a new generation of skilled practitioners for a sustainable built environment. It welcomes students of any built environment discipline and overall, to any professional in the construction sector (designers, engineers, architects, developers, contractors, facility managers).

To impact the uptake of the practice of deep renovation, the course has been framed within the European multilingual classification of Skills, Competences and Occupations ESCO, to ensure that the skills and knowledge on energy efficiency and deep renovation acquired in this course are identifiable across the European construction sector.

The course is delivered in video format, and the audios have been transcribed (in English) to facilitate learning accessibility and to allow flexible learning methods (ref. Universal Design for Learning principles).