Cybersecurity Basics - Exam

Cybersecurity Basics - Exam
Hosted by OpenHPI
Provided by Hasso Plattner Institute
Taught by Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel
No fee required
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If you have completed the three security workshops offered on openHPI this year, you should now have a good knowledge of the basics of cybersecurity. Here we offer you the opportunity to take an exam on the material from all three workshops. If successful, you will receive a record of achievement or a qualified certificate, which is usually only awarded in 6-week courses.
You may not register for the exam until you have met the eligibility requirements. The following criteria must be met:
- Participation in the 3 Workshops [Confidential Communication in the Internet,][1] [Digital Identities][2], [Cyberthreats by Malware][3]
- Proof of a confirmation of participation in each of the three workshops (access of at least 80% of the learning material)
The participation in the weekly assignments in the individual courses is not relevant for this exam.
[1]: https://open.hpi.de/courses/confidentialcommunication2022
[2]: https://open.hpi.de/courses/identities2022
[3]: https://open.hpi.de/courses/malware2022