Climate Intelligence: Using Climate Data to Improve Business Decision-Making


Climate Intelligence: Using Climate Data to Improve Business Decision-Making

Climate Intelligence: Using Climate Data to Improve Business Decision-Making
Hosted by FutureLearn
Provided by University of Reading
Taught by David Brayshaw
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How exposed is your organisation to climate risk?

Climate and weather projections hold the data that businesses need both to evaluate the risk climate change poses and to mitigate that risk. However, interpreting this data can be challenging.

On this two-week course, you’ll learn how to identify relevant and reliable climate data for your business and explore how that raw data can be converted into information that connects with the particular operational and financial decisions you face.

Identify data for strategic planning, from scenario analysis to TCFD reporting

From natural disasters causing unanticipated business losses and damage to assets to climate-related regulations requiring new operating conditions, the climate risks to business operations and finances vary greatly.

Whether you’re tasked with preparing for today’s new reporting requirements called for by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), or forecasting changes in resourcing decades in the future, the effect of the varying climate on your business is something you need to be able to predict.

On the course, you’ll discover the science behind different types of predictions so you can select the data sources relevant to you, and learn how to evaluate them in the context of your unique business needs.

Learn from other businesses and the experts at the University of Reading

Throughout the course, you’ll explore case studies to discover how businesses across sectors use data to build their resilience to a varying climate and reflect on how you can apply this to your organisation.

Guided by the world-leading experts at the University of Reading, you’ll finish with the skills and confidence to drive forwards the necessary strategies for mitigating climate risks to your business.

This course is designed for business professionals with a responsibility for governance, strategy, and risk.

You may be an analyst, business development manager, or consultant looking to advance your career and evaluate your organisation’s exposure to climate risk.