Business Law and the Fashion Industry


Business Law and the Fashion Industry

Business Law and the Fashion Industry
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Taught by Astrid deRidder
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Uncover the fashion law that every fashion business needs to know

Regardless of size and structure, every company in the fashion supply chain needs professionals to know the laws and regulations that affect their businesses.

On this two-week course from Bloomsbury Academic, you’ll learn about business law within the fashion industry, from licensing intellectual property (IP) to the numerous legal requirements of fashion companies.

Discover the business entities within the fashion industry

Taking into account the differences in legal systems across the world is vital when researching the legal and tax implications of business entities.

You’ll start by exploring the different types of business within the fashion industry, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how a fashion business is started from a legal standpoint.

Many fashion companies are involved in creating, inventing, or designing new processes and products. Laws were established to protect IP such as inventions and creations.

This course will guide you through the many complexities of business law when it comes to fashion. You’ll delve into fashion patents, trademarking, and licensing contracts, as well as the laws related to business practices, such as fair competition, environmental protection, and employment practices.

Explore international expansion and trade in the fashion world

The fashion industry is global in nature with many companies operating around the world. Within this global context are laws and regulations concerning international expansion and trade.

To finish this course, you’ll look at how fashion companies go about expanding internationally and the legal aspects of international trade, including the World Trade Organization and US and EU trade agreements.

This course is designed for anyone interested in starting, running, or growing a business. It will be especially useful for those looking to better understand the legal side of the fashion industry.