Business and Workplace Ethics in the Fashion Industry


Business and Workplace Ethics in the Fashion Industry

Business and Workplace Ethics in the Fashion Industry
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Delve into corporate culture

Every organization has a unique set of beliefs, ethics, attitudes, and personality. This means that each company has its own corporate culture, something that is vital to establish to ensure every employee knows the core values and vision of the organization.

On this four-week course from Bloomsbury Academic and authors V. Ann Paulins and Julie L. Hillery, you’ll delve into corporate culture to understand what it is, how it affects business decisions, and how it can be used to promote productivity and a positive company image.

Understand how corporate culture affects job satisfaction

As you explore the role of corporate culture, you’ll understand how it influences the workplace environment, employee satisfaction, and productivity.

You’ll be able to explain the factors that affect corporate culture, and how these in turn affect job satisfaction.

Discover the importance of company values

With a firm understanding of corporate culture, you’ll explore the importance of company values.

You’ll evaluate how a company mission statement reflects the company values and corporate culture, and identify the relationship between corporate culture and corporate social responsibility.

With this understanding, you’ll be able to explain how these practices affect decision-making within a business.

Explore ethics in the workplace relating to fashion and retail

Finally, you’ll identify the role of ethics in the workplace. You’ll explore how ethical decisions can affect workplace positivity and productivity and start to unpack the variety of ethical workplace issues relevant to the fashion and retail industry.

With this knowledge, you’ll learn how to approach workplace ethical dilemmas to achieve appropriate and optimal outcomes.

This course is designed for anyone interested in organizational culture. Though the examples are relevant to the fashion and retail industry, this course will be useful for anyone interested in learning more about corporate culture and its role in the workplace.