Actualize Academy - Advanced Personal Development Success


Actualize Academy - Advanced Personal Development Success

Actualize Academy - Advanced Personal Development Success
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Taught by Justin Quinton
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Personal Development from Actualized Academy

Imagine if you will… that your brain is a computer… and your psychology is the OS for that computer…

Within every OS there are a set of programs installed. These programs control how we use the OS and the computer.

Now its these “programs” that control your emotions and behaviors, ability to spot opportunities, and purpose in life.

These “programs” are your beliefs in life. 

But unlike real computers, most of us never pay attention to the "programs" we install into our personal psychology

Most of us just use the default beliefs, the default “programs” that come automatically with the computer. 
Or the ones installed by our societies, upbringing, and past experiences…

So when you think of your best self, what "programs" or beliefs would you need to have success

What kind of personal development could you achieve if you changed success sabotaging programs, and installed success inducing ones? 

Who could you become, if you had control over your psychology?

What would be possible, if you could change your beliefs?

That’s what this course is all about!

Think of Actualize Academy as a new mental OS designed for success and personal development.

This random collection of philosophies are the “programs” Actualize Academy students use to change their lives. 

Imagine having the intuition of knowing why you feel what you feel, and having that intuition guide you through life with more success.

Be aware of the hypnosis your mind plays on you, so you can stop self-sabotaging, and start living a magic like life.

This thought-provoking personal development course will help you:

  • Improve your self-awareness and motivation

  • Increase your emotional intelligence and personal development

  • Understand your psychology and meaning in life

  • Create space for more personal transformation 

  • Spark your intuition and bring about more intuition based guidance 

  • Understand the nature of personal development

  • Manage difficult conflicts and challenges with success

  • Learn how to Influence your own psychology like magic

  • Learn advanced personal development philosophies 

  • Gain an intuition about your psychology 

  • Influence the speed of your personal development and success 

  • How to have persuasion over your psychology and mind

  • Learn principles for success in life

  • Be aware of the persuasion and self hypnosis tactics of your psychology

  • And More...

This course is just a taste of the broad range of ideas taught by Actualize Academy and will be constantly updated with new lectures as we build up our full curriculum. 

So enroll now and grow with us we expand our minds, empower ourselves, and actualize our potentials.

11 Videos (52m)

  1. Actualize Academy Trailer0:59
  2. Welcome To Actualize Academy - Advanced Personal Development Success4:20
  3. The Actualize Academy Principles5:41
  4. The Meaning Of Life7:44
  5. The 90/3 Rule Of Personal Development4:32
  6. The Step By Step Guide To Controlling Your Life The Hierarchy Of Improvement1:44
  7. How To Harness Your Motivation2:53
  8. The Nature Of Personal Development8:15
  9. Why You Cant Make Your Parnets Happy Value System Basics7:29
  10. How To Gain Self Awareness6:22
  11. How To Solve Any Emotional Problem The State Based Solution 1:46