A-Z Teacher Tutorial

A-Z Teacher Tutorial
Hosted by EMMA
Provided by University of Naples Federico II
Taught by Ruth Kerr
No fee required
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A self-managed MOOC where you organize your own study schedule and learning journey (through the content provided).

The A-Z Teacher tutorial is a course where teachers can understand how EMMA platform works, how to author a course. It will also help you to pedagogically design your own  MOOC.

This tutorual consists of Six Lessons that cover everything you need to know about the process of MOOC creation.

As supporting material during your navigation in this course, you can also download our EMMA Teacher Infographic Guide (.pdf)

With the help of this course the teachers will be able to create a MOOC on EMMA platform. The course will give you ideas on instructional design of the course and also will guide you through the hands on process of course creation. 

By the end of the course you will know:

- How to navigate on EMMA

- Pedagogical design tips to create a MOOC

- Technical implementation of a MOOC

English Language teacher. Instructional design and online learning. Human Resources and professional development.