A Beginner’s Guide to Fashion Design

A Beginner’s Guide to Fashion Design
Hosted by FutureLearn
Provided by Bloomsbury Publishing & FutureLearn
Taught by Astrid deRidder
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Develop your design skills from fashion sketches to fabric choicesFrom haute couture to high-street fashion, all clothing is underpinned by the basic principles of fashion design.
On this three-week course, you’ll be introduced to these concepts and develop your own fashion design skills in preparation for a future in the fashion industry.
Examine fashion in context, from the history of fashion to its cultural impact around the world
A contextual understanding of fashion allows designers to identify influences and predict upcoming trends.
On this course, you’ll delve into the history of fashion and learn how cultural movements and ideas around the world impact the fashion world.
With this knowledge, you’ll be able to place fashion movements in a wider cultural context and draw on a wide array of inspiration for your own designs.
Discover the fundamentals of fashion drawing
Fashion drawing skills are vital to turn your design ideas into a reality, whether you work by hand or with digital technology.
You’ll learn how to sketch the fashion figure and develop your technical skills from line drawing to creating gestures and poses.
By developing your artistic skills, you’ll be able to create sketches that showcase the fit and movement of your designs.
Explore textile design, from choosing a colour to sustainable fabrics
Color and fabric choice can completely alter a design’s feel and seasonal suitability.
You’ll examine the principles of colour theory and identify the relationships between different colour schemes. You’ll also delve into the diverse array of textiles available and learn how fashion sustainability can impact fabric choices.
By the end of this course, you’ll have gained a foundational knowledge of fashion design. You’ll be able to draw fashion figures and be able to choose colours and fabrics to compliment your designs.