Web Development Master Class 1: Build a Money Making Website Development Business The Simple Way

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If you like to be creative…

And You like to help people…

And you would like to make money doing both…

Then starting your very own website development business a great fit for you.

  • Did you know that Over half (52%) of Local Small Brick & Mortar businesses do not have a website.

  • 94% of all small business websites are NOT mobile-friendly and will not render successfully on mobile devices or smartphones.

  • 82% of small business websites don’t have social media accounts.

According to the SBA (small businesses of America), there are over 28 million small business in the USA. That means that over 14 million of these small businesses do not have a website.

This is where you come in. As a website developer you not only get to put your creativity to work but you get to help small local business get found online with an awesome website showing off the best about their business and in return helping their business thrive.

My name is RJ Ritchie. I have been a Website Developer since 2009 helping small business with their online and mobile presence building website, creating their social media marketing, video marketing, as well as strategically building their SEO (search Engine Optimization) so they could have the best chance to be found on Google, Bing, & Yahoo. 

NOTE: I have a degree in Psychology not in computer science. When I started my website business, I did not know HTML or CSS and you will not need to know this to be successful or to start your own business. It is very rare that I need to add code but you can learn that on Skillshare if you want to expand your knowledge. 

In this class, Web Development Master Class 1, I am going to show you the simple tools you will need to build a website and I will go over how these tools will help small business get more customers.

This is one of Six Web Development Business Classes. In this series, you will also learn:

  • Web Development Master Class 2: How much to charge for Website Development services

  • Web Development Master Class 3: Finding & Qualifying Clients

  • Web Development Master Class 4: Creating a solid Website Development Contract

  • Web Development Master Class 5: Building a Website Development business for continued growth

  • Web Development Master Class 6: How to create multiple streams of income

Owning your own business is an exciting prospect. Being able to use your creativity and having the opportunity to help small business owners potentially grow their business can be very rewarding. Being paid for it is really cool as well.

What is included in the class:

Web Development Master Class 1: Topics Covered

  1. Domains & Hosting

  2. WordPress Themes

  3. Social Media integration

  4. Videos integration

  5. Photos integration

  6. Content integration

  7. Mobile Responsive

  8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

  9. Analytics (Google Analytics & Plugins) 

Just click on the enroll button and we will get started.

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12 Videos (18m)

  1. Website Developer - Introduction1:55
  2. Class overview & Class Project0:34
  3. Domain Name and Hosting 1:10
  4. WordPress Themes3:07
  5. Social Media1:15
  6. Video Content1:00
  7. Photo Content2:27
  8. Text Content 2:30
  9. Mobile0:38
  10. SEO1:00
  11. Analytics1:32
  12. Please Leave a Review! 0:24

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