Web Design :How To Design a Website in Illustrator

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Taught by Dawid Tuminski
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I remember myself watching tutorials and courses thinking: Ok, I know how to click things, but how to put all the pieces together?

I rarely got the answer.

So I know what it feels like to look for practical knowledge and not getting it.

That is why I’ve put this course together, so you can learn the actual web design process and so you can do it effortlessly.

Because if you want to

  • Learn professional web layouts design in Illustrator

  • Build your confidence in being able to design a web layout independently

  • Lern only the practical aaspects of using Illustrator for designing web layouts

this is the course for you.

Because you will learn how to design a website in Illustrator without spending weeks on watching tutorials, that get you nowhere.

So enroll in the class and see you inside.


PS If you like the class, please submit your review and class project.  It will help other students, just like you interested in topic I teach, in finding my classes. Thanks!

20 Videos (1h 35m)

  1. Web Design in Illustrator :Welcome to the Course2:03
  2. Before we start3:16
  3. Header and contact info continued5:33
  4. Header and contact info 6:58
  5. Let's create logo and nav6:09
  6. Let's create the Subheader4:13
  7. Let's continue creating the Subheader6:41
  8. Let's create the Our services section7:28
  9. Let's finish the Our Service setion3:08
  10. Let's build the Free consultation section4:02
  11. Let's finish the setion 4:05
  12. Let's build the Our team section6:19
  13. Let's finish the section4:15
  14. Let's build the Testimonials section4:46
  15. Let's finish the Testimonials section5:20
  16. Let's create the Footer6:15
  17. Footer continued3:32
  18. Footer continued5:47
  19. Let's finish the footer3:44
  20. Conclusion1:19

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