The Ultimate Guide to YouTube, Video & Image SEO

Boost Video Views, YouTube Audience Growth, Engagement, Watch Time and Rankings in Google & YouTube with My Simple Tips
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Taught by Zach Miller / Sasha Miller
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Zach Miller’s Course Includes:

In this course you will learn 3 new ways to get traffic to your website:

1) You will be able to rank every one of the pages on your website a little higher by doing correct SEO tagging of your images.

2) You will be able to rank in image search, and get traffic from Google image search.

3) You will understand how image size inside your web pages effects the image rendering, and you will be able to make ideal social media posts that render perfectly no matter which social network you are posting on, and by rendering perfectly, you'll have a nicer post which gets more engagement and more traffic to your website.


When you hear people talk about SEO, they rarely mention image-SEO. This is great because it isn't as crowded as any of the SEO fields (Organic, Video, PPC, etc) and it is less competitive, which is good for YOU.

Sasha Miller’s Course Includes:

Are you struggling to make good videos?

Do you want to increase your video views, engagement and watch time?

Would you like to know how you can increase video rankings in YouTube AND Google?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!

 Inside we’ll be covering how to:

  • Find relevant video keywords
  • Create videos that make people want to click
  • Optimize your videos for the search engines
  • Improve viewer engagement & watch time
  • Build a YouTube brand and community
  • Promote & market your video
  • And MUCH MORE!

*NOTE: I do not cover Video Ads inside this course.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine online after Google?

In fact, as of 2018 YouTube gets over 30 million visitors PER DAY and the average mobile user session lasts around 40 mins!

That’s more than Facebook AND Twitter combined!

Experts say by 2025, there will be more demand for video than written content. And by the looks of it – they’re right!

Also, did you know that only 9% of U.S small businesses are currently using YouTube?

Now’s the best time to discover YouTube & video marketing!

 Inside this course I'll also be sharing:

  • YouTube's ranking factors as of 2018
  • what's changed for video marketing in the past few years
  • the NEW Game Plan to dominate YouTube and Google's video search results
  • tips for creating high quality videos like the pros
  • the best video creation tools to help the process go smoothly

So what are you waiting for?! 

Enroll now & take control of your video marketing!

"Sasha, how do you know so much about video SEO and marketing?"

I've worked in the SEO industry for over 7 years and in that time, I did a lot of research, on-page SEO and video optimization work.  I’ve worked with a number of small businesses, local businesses, musicians and entrepreneurs who came to me exclusively for YouTube marketing and video marketing. With my research, optimization, and promotion techniques, my customers were able to successfully increase their video views, CTRs, engagement and video rankings.


I can't guarantee any specific results. Results will vary from student to student based on, your channel type, your niche market and how well you implement the strategies in the course.

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