The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Advertising Course [2020]

Made for Facebook and Instagram Advertisers, CMOs, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners. Increase your ad performance.
Hosted by Udemy
Taught by Joshua Rodin
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What you'll learn in my course: 

  • How to maximize your Return on Investment with Facebook Ads.

  • How to revive campaigns that are no longer performing (or maybe never did). 

  • Understand the mechanics of Facebook and it's Learning Process.

  • Learn how to create killer Facebook Ad Images or Videos with minimum technical knowledge.

This class is for people who: 

  • Are unhappy with the results of their Facebook Advertising Campaigns. 

  • May be satisfied with their current results but want to improve their Return on Investment.

  • Saw a sudden and unexpected drop in performance in their campaigns.  

Problems we address in the course: 

  • My Campaigns / Ad Sets are not using up all their daily budget. 

  • I recently saw a spike in my CPC or CPM! 

  • I'm still getting conversions but they don't seem to be very high quality ...

  • There's too many metrics and i have no idea what to focus on!

About Me: 

I’m a Google Gold Product Experts for Google Ads (1 of only 30 in the world!). I’m a Google Partner, Facebook Blueprint certified, Bing certified, and overall over qualified person.

I’ve worked with both Fortune 1000 companies and amazing startups. I’ve worked in literally every vertical/niche/industry imaginable from E-Commerce to SaaS to Diamonds!

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