The Motivator - The Business of Selling Hope (Full Movie)

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"This is an inspiring, exciting and motivational story that uplifts and educates you at the same time."
Brian Tracy, Best-Selling Author and Speaker
"Ive gotta say you have set a new standard for our industry! What a creative approach to telling who you are, what you do, why you do it, what people get from it and what it takes to do it."
Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE
The Motivation Speaker Movie - The Motivator (2008) Award winning documentary about motivational speaker Victor Antonio. The Motivator is about what it takes to be a motivational speaker. Victor Antonio gives unprecedented access to what goes on in the life of a motivational speaker. Join him as he travels to a major motivational speech at the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) - speaking event all the while sharing his triumphs, defeats and providing an insider's perspective on the business of speaking.
Find out how he managed to escape the hardships of being poor. From food stamps to CEO of a multimillion dollar company, Victor's story is a story of triumph in the face of gang violence, drugs and poverty. Listen in on how he made it out of the hood and onto "mahogany wood".
Film director Dan Perez pulls back the curtains and dims the spotlight to reveal the professional costs and personal sacrifices of being an hispanic latino professional speaker.
Soundtrack: The ebb and flow of musical pulses layered throughout enhances the power of the message and captures the shifting emotions of the film. The film's soundtrack weaves the music of an array of eclectic artists which include: DJ Blitzkrieg (now Lumera), Dre Ski, Bill Cruz, Brimstone127, Reverb, Karina Iglesias, Fusik, The Soul's Release, Justo Saborit, Protoman and Phamous. (2009)

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