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Social Media Marketing is an integral part of online marketing that takes the help of social networking websites to promote products and improve brand exposure.
Social Media Marketing displays precise content that helps to communicate and engage with both existing and potential customers.
Example - Social Media Marketing
1. Facebook – 2.6 billion monthly active users
2. YouTube – 2.0 billion
3. Instagram – 1.0 billion
Advantages of Social Media
- Generated content
- Earned media
- High target reach
- Message can be retweeted
Social Media Platforms
1. Online Communities and Forums
Online Communities and Forums are groups without any company affiliation and commercial interest that come together and communicate for shared personal interest.
2. Blogs
Blogs are web pages, online journals, or websites that are written in a conversational tone and updated regularly.
Example – Arriana Huffington – Huffington Post
3. Social Networks
Social Networks refer to a dedicated website or a platform where users can communicate with each other by posting information, comments, images, messages, etc. Major social networks include Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
Example - Famous Campaigns
Wix - Melt the Ice campaigns
Wix arranged a Super Bowl contest and used Facebook’s new Live Video feature to connect with the audience.
Airbnb - We Are Here Campaigns
Airbnb used the Facebook live campaign to connect with potential guests all over the world and offer them a live tour of numerous cities.
Apple #ShotOniPhone
Apple #ShotOniPhone was launched by Apple where viewers were asked to show the photos on Instagram.
Coors Light #CouldUseBeer
Coors Light used Twitter for their campaign Coors Light #CouldUseBeer and offered 500,000 beers to happy customers.
Starbucks have taken the help of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for their Starbucks#WhatsYourName campaign
Spotify has used social media platforms Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the Spotify#2019Wrapped campaign.
This video is on Social Media Marketing and it has the following sub-topics.
Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction
00:42 Example Social Media Marketing
01:14 Social Media Platforms Online Communities and Forums
01:40 Social Media Platforms Blogs
02:06 Social Media Platforms Social Networks
02:30 Example Famous Campaigns
02:31 Wix Melt the ice campaigns
02:57 Airbnb We Are Here Campaigns
03:19 Apple #ShotOniPhone
03:48 Corrs Light #CouldUseBeer
04:30 Starbucks#WhatsYourName
05:04 Spotify#2019Wrapped
05:04 Spotify#2019Wrapped
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