Security for Hackers and Developers: Code Auditing

Did you know that bugs in software costs the economy billions of dollars a year? In this course, you are going to help turn the tide as you learn how to find and fix critical bugs quicker.
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Taught by Dr. Jared DeMott
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Bugs in software can be very expensive issues that can arise from not thoroughly testing and re-testing your code. In this course, Security for Hackers and Developers: Code Auditing, you will learn about manual code pentesting and all about how a professional code auditor finds bugs in code. You'll mainly be focusing on C/C++, but the high level ideas apply to all languages. By going deep into the weeds on C and C++ code, learners will appreciate the depth and experience required to audit this and any language code. First you'll learn about code auditing tools and techniques, as well has why memory corruption happens and how to prevent it. Then you'll learn all about the newer bug types such as use-after-free, type confusion, and kernel double fetch. You'll wrap up the course by learning about the real-world vulnerabilities like Heartbleed and other critical browser bugs. By the end this course, you'll know how to audit code with confidence. You'll know how to spot bugs, understand why they're important, and architect modern protections.

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