Search Engine Optimization Made Easy - Beginner to Pro SEO

Learn the essentials of Search Engine Optimization from SEO consultant with 10 years experience and start taking action.
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Taught by Jonas Larsson
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I spent the last 10 years working with Search Engine optimization. I've worked with all kinds of websites in all kinds of fields and markets but the part of the job that I always found the most fun was educating other people about SEO. I've seen so many people with a few hours of proper SEO teaching get from being complete beginners into being able to make their own action plans and execute improvements on their websites to increase their rankings. That is a fantastic feeling.

For that reason I feel very happy to have my first search engine optimization course published online. The course material is well tested with hundreds of people in companies of all sizes during the last 8 years. It covers all the basic knowledge you need to have to be able to start taking your own actions.

I will go through the 4 foundations of SEO - Technical, Structure, Content and Links one by one - and give you all the important knowledge in these fields.

The course starts off with making a status analysis, later on you make a keyword analysis that you can then implement to your structure and to your on site SEO.

The course material is not based on having a website to work with. If you just want to watch and listen for example if you don't already have a website - that is also possible.

On top of getting you loads of SEO knowledge and setting you up to take action during the course - I also update the course regularly with case studies of websites that I work with at the moment to give you inspiration for what you can try in your SEO work.

I am also available in the course to answer questions and to take requests for future lectures.

So regardless if you are a small business owner working with your own website, a developer, graphic designer or copy writer that want to broaden your knowledge to provide more value to your clients or raise your future salary or you want to learn the basics of SEO to see if it is your future career - enroll in the course and I'll see you on the inside.

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