Search Engine Optimization: Indepth Link building for SEO

Learn Practical SEO and How to Create Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization
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Taught by Ravindra Negi
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After the introduction of Google's algorithm Rankbrain in 2015 matching keywords is getting obsolete. Rankbrain is a machine learning algorithm that continuously improves itself. It knows that if somebody is looking for laptops in google search then they are looking for best laptops not worst laptops. This type of keyword manipulation works but not as effectively as before. Google knows that webmasters play around with keywords to manipulate search results in their favour even though their website may not offer the best user experience. Hence the introduction of Rankbrain. Backlinks is still the number one ranking factor and will remain there. I created this course in 2016 because I came to the conclusion that backlinks mattered the most. Today everyone says that.

When you type something in google search you will see ads and organic results. 70% of traffic goes to organic results while 30% goes to ads. Ads cost money while organic results don't. But it is not easy to rank in organic results. There are lot of practical things you can do to improve your ranking. You can even improve your ranking without any links. This can be done by improving your click through rate. If more users are clicking on your website rather than the one that is ranked ahead then google has to take notice and move you up because it does not want to give bad user experience, right. CTR can be improved by blogging and social sharing. But for that you should have compelling titles. It's as simple as that. It's explained in the course.But imagine along with all that you could also create backlinks. That would be really something. This is a step by step method for creating backlinks from external websites and edu sites. Search Engine Optimization consists of two parts, On page SEO and Off page SEO. Creating backlinks is part of OFF page SEO. In this course we will actually create backlinks. Once you understand the methodology and create the backlinks yourself side by side, you will be able to create backlinks from any website yourself. It is always better to create a high PR backlink compared to 1000 low PR backlinks. Also there should be a mixture of backlinks, some very high and some medium. In this course I will show you the procedure that everyone uses to create backllinks. At the end there is an assignment with a list of websites from which you will create backlinks yourself. This course has been updated with edu links and social bookmarking sites and will be updated regularly.

Recipe for organic search excellence

Search engine friendly -  30%

On page SEO - 20%

Off page SEO (Link building) - 40%

Social  - 10%

Without link building You will never reach the first page of google.

In this course you will create backlinks that are safe and also backlinks that you should create.

You can also see results of most of the baklinks that I have created during the course.

These backlinks will get indexed by search engines.

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