Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder - The Complete Guide

11x certified Salesforce Admin & Developer takes you by the hand through 10 real world Salesforce Lightning Flows
Hosted by Udemy
Taught by Nick Frates
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Learn the fundamentals of Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder through 10 challenges taken directly from real world examples.

My goal is to deliver a 100-to-1 return in value on your purchase so that you can get a raise at your job, level up your career, or help your clients in a new way.

I'm an eleven time certified Salesforce Admin and Developer (including Platform Developer II) and I've taken 10 real world flows I've built for my company and turned them into learning examples for this course. When I began learning flow builder I felt confused on how to use the tool and wished there was an easier way to learn it. In this course, we'll cover everything from the beginning concepts to the most advanced processes in order to make you a Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder master.

We'll cover:

  1. Embedding flows in Lightning Components

  2. Embedding flows in Lightning Pages

  3. Launching flows from a Button

  4. Using flows with Data Loader

  5. Scheduling flows to run on a nightly basis

  6. Assign a task to a user using a picklist

  7. Using loops, decisions, assignments, get, create, and update elements

  8. Using formulas in flows to control output

  9. Using the flow debug tool

  10. Working with screen flows

  11. Send emails with flows

  12. ...and more!

Familiarity with Salesforce Lightning is recommended, however no experience is required to take this course.

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