Productivity: Skyrocket Your Productivity the Agile Way!

Unleash the Power of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Lean! Be Agile, and Boost your Personal & Professional Productivity!
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Taught by Danilo Tambone, PMP, PSM I, PMI-ACP, ITIL, Agile Productivity Expert
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New Course Material Continuously Added and Updated! - Rev. Dec 2018

MORE THAN 2,500 ENTHUSIASTIC AGILE STUDENTS ENROLLED BY NOW! A whole Productivity Community that Learns and Improves day by day!

Showcased in the two Popular Podcasts "Project Management for the Masses" by Cesar Abeid, PMP, and "The Scrum Master Toolbox" by Vasco Duarte! - Check the FREE Episodes below for more info!

Ranked as TOP GROUP COURSE by the Udemy Instructor Team!

PDUs included for certified PMPs and PMI-ACPs! 

Do you see your time passing by without being able to deliver on your promises? Do you do the best you can, but get trapped and fooled by uncertainty and last minute changes? Traditional productivity systems don't work for you? Give them a twist with Agile methods, and Skyrocket your Productivity!


  • 5 Stars - Highly Recommended! Danilo created exactly what I was looking for. If you are interested in increasing your productivity at work or in your personal life, while learning key aspects of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban, this course is the best resource I have found to date. Danilo is also a fantastic instructor, very engaging, and eager to see everyone succeed. I highly recommend this course! - Cesar Abeid, PMP, Host of Project Management for the Masses

  • 5 Stars - Most useful course on Udemy! - This is one of the most useful courses I've ever taken on Udemy. I wish I had taken it before! - Erdal Bitik

  •  Stars - Fantastic! This was fabulous. I was able to apply the skills immediately, speed up my productivity, and get things done a lot quicker than before. Before this I tried pretty much everything, even GTD. They were organized, but I could never get them done like I intended to. This time it's been different. Thanks, Danilo! - Simone Jaschko

  • 5 Stars - Very well delivered! ...not only useful for personal productivity, but also at work - I have implemented it with my Team and it's been a huge Hit! - Al Almaktoum


What if you could finally find a way to be Agile and Successful in your Personal Choices, pursue your Dreams, and enjoy immediate Results? How well would that amazing Productivity translate into a Better Job, Higher Incomes and Self-Satisfaction?


  • 5 Stars - Recommended for big and small projects! I enjoy Danilo's fresh ideas on Kanban and Scrum. It has definitely improved my time management and project planning... Thanks! - Thrandur Arnthorsson

  • 5 Stars - Wonderful course presented in a clear and engaging way! Heap of examples to express the information in a realistic manner. I suggest it to anybody who wants to succeed in their job... A must for any fast paced workplace! - Nick Leffler


If this gets you high, then this Course is the answer you were waiting for!


  • 5 Stars - Excellent Course! - Wow - so much information packed into one single course. Really clear explanations with examples to help implement the strategy described... Nice job! - Deborah Wojcicki


I've spent years of study on Productivity Techniques and Personal Improvement. I've studied how Companies like Toyota, Microsoft, Chrysler, Boeing, GM and thousands of LEAN Startups stay ahead of their competitors and successfully face their daily challenges. I've learnt about their Agile and Lean Approaches and applied them at Work and in my Personal Life, and I've experienced amazing results - learning new languages in no time and giving an incredible boost to my Career!


  • 5 Stars - Already More Agile and Productive! Great course and easy to follow. Downloadable resources are also very useful and value added to the entire course experience... Well done! - C. Eliot Tennant

  • 5 Stars - Awesome tips! Great course and clear presentation. The course is really interactive and visual. It has a lot of valuable productivity information! Would highly recommend :) - Snehal Wagh


I've finally created My Personal Scrumban©, one of the most agile, easy, and effective productivity solutions to plan your goals with purpose and at the same time manage your daily routine, while considering change as an integral part of it, and effectively responding to shifting priorities. I'm confident that it will greatly enhance your Life as it has improved mine and those of my students. 


  • 5 Stars - Great instructor and quality content!!     Really well done, the explanations are extremely clear. Worth for personal productivity and professional improvement. Looking forward to the release of new Lectures! - Laura Spinaci


So, Come and Reclaim your Life and your Success. This is Your Opportunity. 

If you're determined to succeed and gain control of your Life, this Course is for you. Enjoy the free previews... and Enroll Now

See you inside, 

Danilo Tambone 

PS: I'm so confident that you'll gain Value from the Course as soon as you'll start applying these techniques, that I offer my own Personal 30 Days Money Back Guarantee - If you're not 100% happy with the material, you may ask for a full refund and get your money back. No. Question. Asked. Enjoy! 

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