Product Marketing Analytics for a Product Marketing Manager

Strategic & Tactical Marketing Analytics | Digital Marketing Analytics | Data Driven Marketing
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This course is an easy, practical guide to marketing analytics for products. I will teach you how to analyze data so that you can make better marketing decisions.

Marketing analytics education ten­­­­ds to be quite academic, with an emphasis on precision and statistical significance that are rarely ever achievable in the corporate world. Having worked in marketing for companies of all sizes, I realize the sharp divide between how analytics are taught and how they are used. Decisions—even in very large companies—are usually made quickly with very imperfect data. This course teaches you how to analyze data in ways that can be immediately applied in the work world.

Other resources on marketing analytics are often hyper-focused on perfecting one narrow area of marketing such as Google advertising. This book, in contrast, gives you a more comprehensive, MBA-level overview of quantitative marketing.

I’ll discuss analytics that will help you make strategic decisions such as who your target customers should be, how to segment your audiences, and what your value proposition is. I’ll also teach you tactical analytics such as A/B testing and how to measure KPIs such as brand awareness and purchase intent. I’ll outline other KPIs including ARPU (average revenue per user) and customer lifetime value.

● I’ll show you some very simple calculations and also advanced statistical methods.

● I’ll talk about digital and traditional media.

This course will not go deep into software training, although I will teach you a few tricks in Excel and discuss other programs such as Optimizely, SPSS, Stata, and others. The focus here is on marketing metrics and decision-making that are suitable for B2B and B2C and large companies and small companies.

These teachings are based on my experience working for such companies as Sony and the Google-backed software company Rocket Lawyer. I’ll also rely on my training at the #1 ranked marketing school in the US, the Kellogg School of Management. Note that my expertise is NOT analytics: I am teaching you how to APPLY analytics as a manager or entrepreneur.

This course is intended for marketers, managers, and entrepreneurs of various experience levels who want a comprehensive overview of quantitative marketing. The content may also be helpful for those prepping for interviews and for analysts who lack marketing expertise. This content is NOT for those seeking a specialized position in statistics or business intelligence.

Key marketing topics...

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Digital Marketing Analytics

  • Analytics Marketing

  • Data Driven Marketing

  • Marketing Data

  • Market Analytics

  • Quantitative Marketing

  • Product Marketing and Digital Product Marketing

  • Product Management

  • Marketing Plan

  • Startup Marketing

  • SaaS Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Product Marketing Manager

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