Personal Finance: Discover 12 Amazing Finance Strategies

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Taught by Matt Bernstein
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Learn how to pay off debt, build an emergency fund, save for retirement, increase your credit score, and save for personal goals (house, wedding, child's college degree)

This course is perfect for someone who doesn't know much about personal finance and how to handle money.

Course Objectives:

After taking this course, you'll be able to...

  • Calculate your net worth.

  • Calculate your real hourly wage.

  • Create a monthly budget.

  • Create a plan to pay off their debt.

  • Create a personal savings plan.

  • Understand specific investment strategies.

  • Have their questions answered about investing.

  • Understand how your credit score works.

  • Understand how to start building credit.

  • Understand how to increase their credit score.

  • Buy a car with minimal human contact, negotiations, and stress.

19 Videos (56m)

  1. Introduction0:30
  2. Calculating Your Net Worth1:21
  3. Calculating Your Real Hourly Wage1:55
  4. Calculating Expenses for Your Life Energy2:00
  5. Calculating Your Monthly Budget4:54
  6. Paying off Debt2:17
  7. Building an Emergency Fund1:29
  8. Personal Savings4:25
  9. 401k Basics2:33
  10. Asset Allocation4:03
  11. Investment Strategies2:24
  12. Advice on Financial Advisors1:10
  13. FICO Score8:29
  14. Starting Credit3:12
  15. Increasing Credit Score1:38
  16. Renting vs. Owning Property1:43
  17. Types of Mortgages3:01
  18. Advice for Teenagers4:01
  19. Guide to Buying a Car4:33

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