Personal Branding In the Workplace & Career Development

A practical guide to improving your personal brand for personal development and career progression
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Taught by Andrew James
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What's included in this course?

  • Approx. 90 Minutes of video content including practical skills, knowledge & video clips exploring the importance of personal branding, why emotion matters and the good and bad examples of personal branding.

  • 3 Exclusive articles written by professionals in the field to support the course modules.

  • 2 Multiple choice quizzes to validate your learning

Let me ask you a question?

Are you tired of hours and hours of unpractical lectures on personal development and career progression? This short, high quality and easily consumable course provides the student with high quality, practical learning that can immediately be applied to their personal development.

Why are my courses short?

I know people live busy lives, unlike other courses filled with hours of stretched out content,  my courses are designed to be short, clear and to the point. The content I create contains high quality, practical knowledge and skills that can be easily digested and applied by the student.

Why take this course instead of taking other similar courses?

Each module explores a different topic on how to ensure you create a strong persona brand in the workplace. These industry and career secrets normally come at a price and can be learnt over a number of years. From my perspective, I'm happier charging a lot less to pass on my knowledge.

Why did I create this course?

I saw a gap in the online resources available on this subject. Career progression is not something that comes easy to everyone, hopefully through my courses I can help make it a little bit easier and this particular subject doesn't seem to be taught often, however it plays a crucial role in an individuals career progression.

What will you learn?

This course will provide the student with the practical knowledge and skills needed ensure they create and maintain a strong personal brand thus leading to better career prospects and will cover the following modules;

  1. The Intro

  2. An Introduction to Personal Branding

  3. Good Personal Branding

  4. Poor Personal Branding

  5. Why Emotion Matters

You will also have access to three exclusive articles.

The teacher, experienced in the corporate world with extensive recruitment experience to hand, shares the secrets to maximising their personal brand. Thus improving their career prospects.

So, what are you waiting for?

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