Organisational Change & Creativity - Factors in Organizational Change, What is Creativity & Stages

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Organizational Change refers to the planned or unplanned changes in the technology, structure, design, process, people, operational methods, and strategies of an organization.
Organizational Change occurs as a result of internal or external pressure and its impact can be felt on every aspect of the organization.
Factor Landing to Organizational Change
1. Internal Factor
- A change in the size of the management or top management
- Employee needs
- Performance gaps
2. External Factor
- Social changes
- Environmental changes
- Technology
1. Yahoo
Kurt Lewin's Model of Organizational Change and Development
This model states that organizational change moves from one static to another static state via professional shift.
This change takes place at three levels Individual, Structure and Organizational Climate.
Creativity refers to the process of problem-solving by integrating ideas and using them in new interesting ways.
1. Facebook
Creative Problem-Solving
Creative Problem-Solving refers to the process of facing a challenge innovatively. It involves three stages
Stage1: Exploring the challenge
- Finding the objective that needs creative problem-solving
- Assess and review all the relevant facts
- Explore the facts and data to identify all the exiting problems
Stage 2: Generation of ideas
- Be diligent in your efforts while finding ideas
- Take risks, stretch your creativity and find innovative solutions
Stage 3: Prepare for Action
- Improve the best ideas and solution that you have got
- Evaluate the ideas against a set benchmark
- Take every step of the action plan like who and how parts along with the resources into consideration
This video is on Organisational Change & Creativity and it has the following sub-topics.
Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction
00:41 Factor Landing to Organisational Change
00:50 Internal and External Factor
01:12 Organisational Change: Example
01:43 Kurt Lewin's Model of Organisational Change and Development
03:01 Creativity
04:07 Creativity: Example
04:43 Creativity Problem Solving
04:52 Stage1: Exploring the challenge
05:20 Stage 2: Generation of ideas
05:35 Stage 3: Prepare for Action
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