4h 30m
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Offline Marketing Bootcamp

Grow your Client Base through Offline Marketing
Hosted by Udemy
Taught by Earners Classroom
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The offline marketing bootcamp aims to help you & your business in marketing in the offline world. We live in a digital age where marketing focuses on things like your website, SEO, and so on. We take a look at the traditional & original forms of advertising that can still play a vital role in your marketing campaigns. Offline marketing ranges from tangible things like billboards you see on the street, cold calls, or direct mail campaigns. The aim of the course is to inform you what is Offline Marketing its importance in your business & how to directly apply it. Whether it’s setting up your own direct mail campaign or walking you through the steps of a cold call & how to secure that client. From start to finish educating you about different offline marketing methods & tying it all in with real world examples to give you inspiration on how to apply it to your own business.

The Bonus modules at the end offers you an overview of what services you could offer to clients as well as how to outsource the tasks so you do less work while earning more money. Make sure to check these out!

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