Nature: The Fuel Source of Creativity: How Nature Inspires Creativity Masterclass

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Taught by Tatiana Ambrose
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Are you looking for a boost in your creativity through nature? Are you feeling frustrated with your creativity? Do you want to know how nature can inspire your creativity?

In this nature creativity class I want to reveal how nature can inspire your creativity and how to take full advantage of nature's natural creativity source. 

This nature creativity class does not teach a specific skill but rather will open up your eyes to where one source of creativity comes from, which is nature. 

Being in nature doesn't just enrich your creativity but it has so many other benefits. Why do think we have soothing nature meditation soundtracks? To relax us after a busy day.

Staying inside your home on your laptop or cellphone can stop your creativity and add to the stress and pressure from your work or society. Yet nature doesn't have that pressure, nature is supposed to help balance out your busy day and help replenish your creativity.

So if you are ready to learn how nature can inspire your creativity and how to use nature for your creative advantage go ahead and enroll in this creativity class. I am excited to share another class with you based from my personal creative experience!

3 Videos (12m)

  1. Warm Welcome to How Nature Inspires Creativity1:20
  2. Taking a Look At How Nature Inspires Creativity + 3 Creativity Challenges10:31
  3. Thank You for Joining This Nature Creativity Class0:25

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