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Mobile Marketing refers to advertising activities that take the help of smartphones and other handled devices to connect with the customers and promote a brand’s products or services
Mobile Marketing is also referred to as a multi-channel online technique to reach the target audience.
Mobile Marketing Strategies
In MMS or Multimedia Message Service marketing, text messages with audio, video or images are sent to existing and potential customers. As customers are digitally active people are more likely to remember the MMS messages.
App-based marketing
App-based marketing has been continuously on the rise because of the use of smartphones and the easy download of apps on the devices. ASO or App Store Optimization helps to increase the visibility of an app
Push notifications
Push notifications are messages or notifications that pop up on mobile devices. They only have a reach up to the user of the installed app
In-Game Mobile Marketing
In-Game Mobile Marketing strategy has ads within a mobile game that appear as full-page or pop-up or video ad. The three major trends in mobile gaming are
- Interactive real-time 3D game
- Massive multi-player games
- Social networking games
Geofencing advertising creates a virtual boundary around a location and is used to identify a shopping area or a building
Rise of Digital Coupons
There has been a significant rise in digital coupons over the years as it provides timely and relevant offers near the point of purchase to the customers. Three important technologies with potential are
- Chatbots
- WR Codes
- Invisible payments
1. Domino's – Piece of the Pie Rewards
2. Burger King - #EscapeTheClown
3. Supermarket Chain - Whole Foods
4. TrackMyMacca App
5. Starbucks
6. Uber
This video is on Mobile Marketing and it has the following sub-topics.
Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction
00:41 Mobile Marketing Strategies
00:43 MMS
00:58 App-based marketing
00:21 Push notifications
01:59 In-Game Mobile Marketing
02:15 Interactive real-time 3D game
02:18 Massive multi-player games
02:20 Social networking games
02:30 Geofencing
02:52 Rise of Digital Coupons
03:22 Chatbots
03:23 WR Codes
03:24 Invisible payments
03:33 Examples – Domino's – Piece of the Pie Rewards
04:08 Examples - Burger King - #EscapeTheClown
04:51 Examples - Supermarket chain Whole Foods
05:21 TrackMyMacca app
05:48 Starbucks
06:14 Uber
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