Marketing Minute 047 “Why Do Content Marketing?” (Marketing Strategy / Social Media Marketing)

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The phrase content marketing has become commonplace in todays business environment, particularly when considering the digitization of the information economy.
But while marketers all over the world are finally paying attention to content marketing, a great number of them still dont understand the scope and nature of this phenomenon and how it applies to their industries and to their marketing practices.
Whats even more fascinating is that while social media marketing has been widely accepted as a necessity for most B2C organizations, many of the same marketing directors are taking a slow approach to embracing content marketing.
What theyre not understanding is that in the world of social media, every time you post, you comment, you tweet, etc., youre creating content, and that content is searchable, findable, and -- whether you like it or not -- representative of your brand.
What this means is that marketers have no choice but to get good at the content marketing that theyre already doing by default.
If youre participating in social media, youre already a content marketer. So plan that participation with content marketing in mind.
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