MTA Windows Operating Systems Fundamentals 98-349 Exam Prep

Successfully Prepare for the MTA Windows Operating Systems Fundamentals certification exam by using the practice tests
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Taught by Phillip Roos
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****This is only a Preparation Test course, aimed to help you
in your final preparation for the certification exam. This course is
not a video or lecturing course, and Formal or Informal training is
strongly recommended.****

Course Updated to Windows 10 questions according to the objectives and exam requirements.

These practice test are here to help you successfully prepare for the
certification exam, Gain confidence to successfully pass the
certification exam.

This MTA: Windows Operating Systems Fundamentals Prep Tests - Will test your knowledge on the following categories:

  • Installing and Upgrading Client Systems
  • Understanding Operating System Configurations
  • Understanding Native Applications, Tools, Mobility, and Remote Management and Assistance
  • Managing Applications, Services, and Disks
  • Managing Devices
  • Understanding File and Print Sharing
  • Maintaining, Updating, and Protecting Windows 10
  • Understanding Backup and Recovery Methods

Fully prepare for the MTA Certification exam. 

****This course is updated as soon as exam objectives change or when new technology knowledge needs to be tested****

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