Logic Pro X Tutorial: How to Make A Complete Beat in Logic

Learn everything you need to produce beats in Logic Pro X
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Taught by Joseph Evans Jr
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Learning the basics of how to create music in Logic Pro X will help you to make money from selling your music to recording artists, TV & Film Companies, Podcast Shows, Advertising Companies, Video Games, and more! This course will also help you save time trying to learn Logic Pro X on your own and increase your productivity.

This course is designed to help you learn everything you need to produce music in Logic Pro X.

After completing this course your will be able to:

  • Navigate within Logic Pro X

  • Use Key Commands to save time

  • Use MIDI to create your own melodies & drum patterns

  • Create your own new sounds

  • Edit & customize the Drummer in Logic

  • Use Apple Loops

  • And much, much, more!

This course is designed to help the beginner Logic Pro X user quickly get started creating music in the program!

Contents and Overview

In over 1 hour of content including 22 lectures, this course covers both the technical & practical applications of using Logic Pro X.

Broken down, Logic Pro X was designed to help creators produce music professionally. So in the first section is all about productivity. We will cover the basics of what this program has to offer, how to navigate, and key commands you can use to quickly operate Logic Pro X. The second section is all about functionality. So you will learn the basics of MIDI, why it is the best way to create, and how to use it to connect external devices to the program. The third section is all about sound design. So we will cover several ways to edit and save sounds found in Logic Pro X and even use the ESX24 Sampler to create your own drum kits. The last section is all about practical application. So you will learn how to record, edit, use the drummer & Apple Loops to create your own music in the software. There is even a live example at the end showing you how to apply the various techniques taught in this course!

This course is perfect for any up coming music producer, songwriter, composer, or artists that wants to learn how to use Logic Pro X to make their own music.

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