Logic Live Loops | Logic Pro X - 10.5 Update

Move forward with your Music Production and modernise your workflow with Logic Live Loops!
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Taught by Ben Rowlands
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Logic Pro X has been redefined in the latest Logic 10.5 Update! A lot has changed!! The brand new Live Loops Feature has changed how you can produce and perform music inside of Logic Pro X! Gone are the days of music recording being boring! Logic Live Loops allows you to get hands on with your Logic Project. From sketching ideas in the studio, to building a comprehensive live performance! Logic has been brought into the modern day! 

Right now Logic Live Loops is underrated, too many people are stuck in the old way of working inside of Logic Pro X that they have been using for years! If you want to move forward with your music production, and get the most out of the latest features inside of Logic Pro X. Then learning and using Logic Live Loops is the answer!

In this course, I will take you through the various features inside of Logic Live Loops! We will even take a look at the other really cool Logic 10.5 update features! Such as exploring the brand new Step Sequencer, Remix FX and the recently update Logic Remote! Which allows you to control Logic Pro X with your iPhone or iPad!! YES it's as cool as it sounds!! 

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