Learn Content Inventory and Content Audit

A comprehensive course on the concepts of Content Inventory, Content Audit and Content Projects
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Taught by Girijan Raghavan
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Content Inventory and Content Audit has become an essential part of a an evolving digital communication system. Content publishing is not a kid’s play these days and organizations of all shapes and sizes are struggling to publish content that is timely, relevant and useful to visitors of their website.

Content needs to be checked whether it is meeting the organizations business strategy and the needs of its audience. Often these two aspects go in divergent paths and it becomes tough for a content strategist to synchronize them together. A Content audit is a process that often helps a content strategist to achieve this goal. And a content inventory is the prelude of a content audit. Both these processes play a big role in addressing issues of a website or any content set for that matter.     

Content Strategy and Content Audit work hand in hand in a content project. A workable and efficient strategy can be worked out after completion of the content project.

This course deals with Content Inventory and Audit in detail. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced professional I hope you will gain some insights over formulating a strategy for your content needs.

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