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Introduction to Sensory Marketing Strategy

Understanding the meaning and concept of Sensory Marketing. Discover the application of Sensory Marketing as a marketing strategy. Discern how a sensory marketing strategy can be createdfor delivering a unique multisensory customer experience.

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Taught by Hari S Iyer / Mukti Prakash Behera / Dr. Bindu K. Nambiar
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Sensory marketing creates an emotional or sensorial response with a brand or a product. When consumers undergo an experience with different brands, with each brand providing them with a unique experience which appeals to their senses, the chance of making an emotional impact is greater. Sensory Marketing strategies engage with the customers with a dialogue urging them to experience the brand assuring them that it will be memorable.

Nowadays financial institutions are also betting on multi-sensory consumer experiences to make the brand more friendly and personal.

Sensory branding is achieved by taking advantage of the 5 senses we experience i.e. the sense of Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch. Different senses can be used for creating different sensations for the customer to experience.

Our five senses play an integral role in the emotional processing and interpretation of information and help create a positive or negative psychological perception of the experience that the customer encounters.

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