Introduction to Salesforce DX and Visual Studio Code

Salesforce DX and Visual Studio Code - Get Up and Running Now - Tools of the Developer Trade for the Salesforce Platform
Hosted by Udemy
Taught by Mike Wheeler / Anthony Wheeler
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With Salesforce DX, you can now benefit from modern collaboration technologies such as Git to version control everything across your team - your code, your org configuration, and your metadata. Salesforce enables you to export more of your metadata, define data import files, and easily specify the edition, features, and configuration options of your development, staging, and production environments.

Salesforce instructor Mike Wheeler has taught over 100,000 students how to use the Salesforce platform and to attain certifications. He is teaming up with his Salesforce developer son, Anthony Wheeler, who previously teamed up with Mike to co-instruct their Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Course, which contains close to 20,000 students.

In this course, taught primarily by Anthony Wheeler, you will be introduced to Salesforce's new and modern developer environment - Salesforce DX. Anthony covers installation, Visual Studio Code Basics, Salesforce DX Basics, Scratch Orgs, Testing and Debugging, Metadata Conversion and Packaging in Salesforce DX.

Whether you are a brand new / aspiring Salesforce Developer, or already a certified Salesforce Platform Developer, this course will prove essential in you quickly learning the newest developer tools provided by Salesforce.

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