Improve Sales Funnel Profits: One Time Offers & Profit Bumps

Learn the techniques to create offers your customers can't refuse and maximise your profits at the time of check-out
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Did you know that 20% of your buyers contribute to 80% of your sales!!

We are not concluding that 80% of your buyers are not important, but that the 20% of the buyers are your serious buyers that spend serious money on your products These are the guys who take action and want almost everything you are selling and your product and sales funnel are getting them there.

Your standard sales funnels are designed to combine both the premium and non-premium buyers.

The problem is, when both of them are on the same list, you are targeting the same sales and marketing messages to both the buyers who are in fact looking for two very different things. Over time, as your list grows, it begins to impact your long time growth as all your customers on the list are not satisfied with the messages they are receiving.

The impact of these mistakes can be avoided if you are careful in the way in which you are growing the list and targeting the right message for the different mindsets of your customers.

If you would like to learn how to segregate your lists and watch your sales profits double, come join us in theis course where I will show you how to set up smart sales funnels with one time offers to help you segragate your buyers.

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