How to use the Push 2 with Ableton Live 9

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Taught by Tomas George
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Push 2 is the latest MIDI controller from Ableton, there's loads of improvements from Push 1 and during these videos I'm going to go over some of the features and functions of the Push 2. 

This class is for anyone who has a Push 2 or is considering purchasing a Push 2 for Ableton Live.

Push 2 can only be used with Ableton 9.5 or above.

I think the Push is a great way to actually compose and arrangement Ableton. 

I also believe that Push adds a great elements to performance if you're using Ableton for live performance because it does look a lot more interesting triggering samples and composing and recording on the Push rather than just being stuck behind your laptop.

So with the Ableton Push you can use it as a melodic device, so you can use different scales to actually write and record music. We can actually play our drums live or through a step sequencer. There's also a melodic step sequencer, we can access the functions of the mixer on Ableton Live through the Push, we can also add on automation or record automation. So basically all the aspects of Ableton Live we can control through Push. 

19 Videos (1h 27m)

  1. An Overview4:19
  2. The Setup2:52
  3. Loading a Drum Rack2:33
  4. Push vs Push 24:05
  5. Using a Step Sequencer for The Drum Rack5:38
  6. Step Sequencer, Overdubbing and Quantising6:22
  7. Note Repeat2:47
  8. Recording Automation and Step Automation 3:38
  9. Set Up a Melodic Instrument 4:40
  10. Recording a Melodic Instrument 9:08
  11. Mixer4:05
  12. Simpler Intro 4:11
  13. Simpler 2 2:31
  14. Simpler 3 5:32
  15. Send Effects3:04
  16. Resampling2:42
  17. Audio to Simpler4:21
  18. Clips and Arrangment7:26
  19. Recording to the Arrangment7:17

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