How to Repair Bare Spots in a Lawn - How to Repair Dog Spots - Dead Grass

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To repair bare spots in a lawn caused by dogs, you can buy a kit or use fertilizer and seed.
The first step to repair the dog spot would be to flood the area with a garden hose to dilute the salt from urine.
Next, rake up all the dead grass and expose the soil. You need the grass seed to touch soil to germinate. You also want the soil loosened to help the seedlings take root.
If you are using a dog repair kit, you just sprinkle the product over the bare spot. The kits have chemicals to neutralize the salt in urine. They also have seed, fertilizer and mulch to help the seed take root.
If you are using seed, sprinkle some starter fertilizer down, then put down about 10 to 15 seed per inch in the bare spot.
You need to water the spot twice a day for 2 weeks and you will have a great looking lawn.

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