Guerrilla Marketing Fundamentals

Guerrilla marketing relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Make it YOUR TOOL.
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Do you want to be CREATIVE?

Do you have crazy ideas for your next MARKETING CAMPAIGN?

Learn more about GUERRILLA MARKETING and SPEND LESS on advertising. Because...


+ Guerrilla marketing uses unusual and creative strategies to capture attention and develop word-of-mouth.

++ Guerrilla marketing was made for small business owners. It requires creativity, flexibility and a willingness to take a little risk.

+++ Guerrilla marketing utilizes low-cost unconventional means such as flash mobs, graffiti and sticker bombing with an aim of promoting or conveying products or ideas.


It is no longer a secret that guerrilla marketing is a bit complex since you will never be required to spend much on advertising.

This course will help you understand everything about the guerrilla strategy and learn about the ways to apply this into your business and improve your profitability in the long run.

So, why not to start employing guerrilla techniques to your current
marketing strategy? If you agree with us, then Start Your Learning
Journey Today!


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