Formula Fundamentals in Salesforce

Formulas appear everywhere in Salesforce, from fields, to validation rules, to workflows, to Visualforce and more. This course teaches you the fundamentals of a core platform feature that is essential for every Salesforce admin and developer.
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Taught by Dan Appleman
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Formulas are an essential part of every Salesforce admin and developer toolkit, but one that is often learned piecemeal - leaving knowledge gaps that can result in errors and corrupted data. In this course, Formula Fundamentals in Salesforce, you'll learn the fundamentals of formulas from the ground up. First, you'll explore field and data types, operators, and of course, functions. Next, you'll find deep coverage of logical operators - perhaps the most common source of formula bugs. Finally, you'll learn more advanced concepts such as formula limits and formula testing and validation. By the end of this course, you will be able to add formulas to your Salesforce admin and developer toolkit.

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