For Stress-Free Life Learn Stress Freedom Mastery Skills

Instead of Stress Management, Convert Stress into Productivity & Gain Stress-Free Lifestyle by Quantum Consciousness
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Provided by Delft University of Technology
Taught by Rakhi Roy Halder
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Practicing meditation, mindfulness, taking shelter of anxiety management techniques are usually suggested to deal with stress. But the Stress Freedom Mastery course strengthens the resilience to deal with stress by presenting a 30-day plan with a unique support system to control the mind throughout the day.

This course is designed to implement the knowledge of the rare concepts of quantum science gained in the Stress Freedom Formula Course in life to drive out stress forever. It offers a robust support system for the mind to achieve a stress-free lifestyle. Completing the Stress Freedom Formula Course is necessary to join this course. The aim of this course is to provide calmness or peace of mind, challenge depression and anxiety by scientific means, converting stress into productivity, and enable individuals to lead a productive and stress-free life by following a specific routine.

To control the mind throughout the day, the Stress Freedom Mastery Course presents the thought themes, power statements, and day's formula. These mind-controlling tools help to have a firm grip on the mind to stay tuned to the transformational drive. The course also includes separate instructions for guided quantum meditation. The mind-controlling thought themes like:

  • Releasing Negative Feelings

  • Dealing With Present Stress

  • Analyzing the Effects on 3 Bodies

  • Dealing With Pessimism

  • Breaking the Boundaries

  • Thought Power Concentration Practice

  • Tapping on Your Mind Power

    is supported by the extra videos of

  • Cosmic Laws Blueprint

  • Creative Blackhole Blueprint

  • Concentration Power Blueprint

  • Emoto Water Research Blueprint

  • Laser Ray's Blueprint

  • Double-Slit Experiment Blueprint

    to create a sustainable effect in mind. This combination altogether presents sustainable food for the mind to stay tuned in the journey of achieving a stress-free lifestyle. This course offers the means to implement the knowledge gained about the rare concepts of quantum science in the Stress Freedom Formula course in life. This course helps to go through the process of self-discovery by scientific means.

    Rakhi Roy Halder, the instructor and designer of this course, is the author of the books 'MYTH BREAKER', 'MYSTIC LOVE' & 'SECRETS OF CREATION.'  All these books are examples of presenting the quantum level dynamics in the simplest forms so that anyone can understand the role of the quantum energy world in shaping their destiny and future.

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