FL Studio Hardstyle Production Hard Dance Music Production

How to make a Euphoric Hardstyle Track
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Taught by Kim Marcel Friedrich
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I recommend to have already a basic knowledge about FLStudio, or any other DAW you are going to use to follow my tutorial.

I won't focus on melody or music theory parts. This Tutorial is about sounddesign, layering leads, building up a structure of track, mixing leads and sounds together, using FL-Stock- or free-plugins to let your leads sound better.

I am making the tutorial track from scratch. I just prepared the melody, chords and baseline

You will learn how to build up a track out of a melody. Started at the Intro and ending up into a climax.

You will get my own Sylenth1 Soundbank and I will show you how to make screeches at sylenth1.

You will get a Sample Pack filled with Claps, snacres, uplifters, downlifters, fillers,  atmosphere stuff and many more.

You will get a Reverse Bass Sample and a full pitched Hardstyle Kick.

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